April, 2005

Внеклассное мероприятие

Merry Easter

Звучат церковные колокола, a song ''Easter Bells''.

  • Dear friends, guests! Today we are having a great holiday – Easter day! We think, you know how English and American people celebrate this great holiday.

The students of our school will show you the performance which is called ‘’Easter’’.

We think, it will be very interesting and useful. Welcome to our party!

Ведущие праздника – Easter Rabbits.

Easter Rabbit 1. Every country has its traditions. They play a very important role in the life of the people. One such tradition is Easter.

Easter Rabbit 2. Easter is a festival, that occurs on the 1st Sunday after the fist moon in spring. Easter marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Easter Rabbit 3. People buy new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday. There is a popular belief that wearing three new things at Easter will bring good luck in the year.

Easter Rabbit 4. Easter church services many people like to take walks down the streets in their new Easter hats and suits. This colorful procession of people dressed in bright new spring clothes is called the Easter Parade.

Easter Rabbit 1. What does Easter mean? The word ‘’Easter’’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn whose spring festival was celebrated in April. Before the arrival of Christianity, people believed that the sun died in winter and was born again in spring, on the day of the spring equinox (день весеннего равноденствия) they would sing and dance as the sun rose in the sky.

Easter Rabbit 2. Although it is a Christian Festival the customs and legends of Easter celebrations are pagan (языческий) in origin.

Easter Rabbit 3. Easter is the religious holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God. It is at the end of Lent during which children all over the world give up sweets and make other sacrifices in preparation for the highest festival of the church year.

Easter Rabbit 4. Do you know Easter Symbols? (некоторые учащиеся отвечают из зала) so, they are: (выходят учащиеся с символами)

- To Christians, the cross is the symbol of the true meaning of Easter, Christ’s resurrection and his triumph over death. It also reminds us of Christ’s suffering for each of us. It also reminds us of His love for us.

  • The palm symbolizes Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday amidst the crowds waving palm branches, symbols of victory. The palm tree also was known as a place of honor.

  • The crown of thorns reminds us of Jesus’ suffering and His willingness to accept the pain and anguish for the sake of all.

  • The cup and the bread remind us of the last supper and Christ’s body broken for us. It also reminds us of the call to love one another as He loved us.

  • Sunrise services are geld on Easter morning all around the world. They remind us that after darkness comes the light of day and hope for the future.

  • The lamb represents Jesus. As “The Good Shepherd”. He is often pictured holiday one. Some think it is good luck to see a lamb on Easter.

  • The lily , which was first grown in Japan is a special Easter flower. The Bulb stands for the tomb; the blossom for his life after death. Daffodils and tulips are also spring flowers.

  • The bowl and the towel represent the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus. This represents the humility and service we imitate.

  • Easter Egg. From the earliest times, the egg was a symbol of rebirth in most cultures. Eggs were often wrapped in gold leaf or, if you were a peasant colored brightly by boiling them with the leaves or petals of certain flowers.

  • Easter Rabbits. It is true that in ancient Egypt the rabbit symbolized the moon, new life and birth. All around the world, many children believe that the Easter rabbit (or bunny) brings eggs and hides them for children on Easter morning. There are many different legends but here is a popular one.

Инсценировка легенды (музыка ''Blackmore's Night'' №13). Персонажи: narrator, an old woman, children, a rabbit. Персонажи иллюстрируют речь рассказчика пантомимой.

Long ago in Germany there an old woman lived, she loved children. Each year she gave children presents to celebrate spring. But one year she had nothing to give, because it was a bad year and she had become very poor. All she had were some eggs. So, she colored the eggs and hid them in the grass. When the children arrived, she told them to run out into the yard to find their presents there. Just as one of the children uncovered the eggs, a large rabbit hopped away. So the children thought that the rabbit had left the eggs for them! And ever since children have searched for the eggs left by the Easter Rabbit on Easter morning. It is called the Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Now, look at the TV (на экране сюжет и мюзикла “Jesus Christ Super Star”, во время которого учащиеся читают стихотворение)

A poem “When He Was Being”.

When He was being beaten and spat upon

When His flash was being torn by the whip

When His back was scourged

Then He saw me, being baptized

and so He permitted them to do so.

When the crown was crashed into His head

When He tasted His own blood

When the thorns pieced His flash

Then He saw me praying

and so He killed them not.

When His cross was so heavy that be fell

When He wished simply to move no more,

Then He saw me in confession

and so He got up and walked on.

When His hands were being pieced

When He hung from a cross

When His side was bleeding

The He said I love you

and so He died.

  • Easter Rabbit 4. Eggs are an important part of Easter sports. The Romans celebrated the Easter season by running races on an oval track and giving eggs as prizes. One of the traditional Easter egg game is Easter Egg Roll.

  • Easter Rabbit 5. Perhaps the most famous egg rolling takes place on the White House Lawn in Washington. Hundreds of children come with baskets filled with brightly decorated eggs and roll them down hoping the president of the US is watching the fun.

  • Easter Rabbit 1. The rules of the Easter Egg Roll are to see who can roll an egg the greatest distance down a grassy hill side without breaking it. We haven’t got a grassy lawn but there is a ‘hill side’ here.

Игра. ''The Easter Egg Roll''. По наклонной поверхности скатить яйцо носом, держа руки за спиной. Победитель тот, кто сумеет скатить яйцо дальше других и не разбить его.

Награждение победителя.

Игра. ''Colour the Picture''. Участникам двух команд раздаются одинаковые картинки. Их необходимо раскрасить, согласно инструкции, которая произносится один раз и в быстром темпе: Two eggs are red

3 eggs are blue

1 egg is green

The chickens are yellow

One lamb is white

The bowl is orange

The bunny is brown.

Пока участники конкурса раскрашивают, дети поют песню ''Chuck, chuck, oh, my chickens''.

Подведение итогов. Награждение победителей.

- Easter Rabbit 4. Our holiday is coming to an end. Let’s see who was the most attentive?

1. When do people celebrate Easter? (The 1st Sunday after the first full moon in spring).

2. What is the colorful procession of people dressed in new spring clothes called? (The Easter Parade).

3. What can bring you good luck on Easter? (Wearing 3 new things).

4. What Easter games do you know? (Easter Egg Roll, Easter Egg Hunt, Pancake Catching).

5. What Easter symbols do you know?

6. What kind of holiday is Easter? (Christian, religious).

7. Are there different traditions of Easter festivals in different countries? (No).

The Conclusion.

Все участники праздника выходят на сцену с горящими свечами.

  • Dear friends and guests! Our holiday is coming to the end. And now we want to tell you about one more Easter symbol, about light (fire). It is the symbol of love, life and hot hearts. And now we want to present you the part of our hearts.

Учащиеся дарят свечи гостям праздника.

- Our performance is over. We'd like to thank all those who took part in it and our visitors at the same time for their patience, applauses. Such holidays are both very useful and educational for all of us.

Thank you. Good-bye!