Зачетное занятие по теме “Sport”

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Задания отмеченные *obligatory for everybody обязательны для всех.


A. Назови по-английски следующие слова (10) *obligatory for everybody














настольный теннис


B. Составь и запиши английские слова (10)







C. Translate into English: (10)

In door game

Personal results

To win a match

To loose a game

The champion of the city

To take part in the competition

To win the finals

Out door game

D. Вставить пропущенные слова: (10)

1. Tennis, grass-hockey and golf are very______in England

2. People all over the world are fond of ______

3. I go in for____

4. There is a good _____ and a ____ at school

5. I play___ rather well


Track-and-field event popular sports gymhall chess sportsground

F. Прочитай и переведи следующий текст (20 - 30)

Sport and physical training is one of the most popular forms of active rest for Rostovites.

15 Olympic Games Champions, 58 world and Europian champions live in our city. That's more than any country in the world can boast of. We have 7 stadiums, more than 200 covered gymnasiums, 9 swimming pools, a cycle track, a rowing canal. Our city women's hand-ball team is famous all over the country. Now some modern Health Education groups function in the city. The most popular kinds of sport among young men are carate, body-building, among girls -body-shaping. If you want to keep yourself fit (healthy) you must go in for one or another kind of sport.

*obligatory for everybody

Every morning all the year round I do my morning exercises to the music. In summer I like to go on hikes, to swim and play volley-ball or badminton.

In winter I usually go to the country during my holidays. There I ski, skate, play snowballs with my friends.

I also go in for track-and-field athletics. Every year competitions are held between the schools of our district. I always take part in them.

There is a good gym-hall and a sport ground at school. Almost all the pupils of our school go in for sports. Girls go in for gymnastics, callisthenics, track-ал field events and ball games of course: volley-ball, basket-ball, hand-ball. Boys prefer boxing, football, wrestling and tennis.

G. Дайте ответы на вопросы: (20)

  1. What winter (summer) sports can you name?

  2. Do you go in for sport?

  3. What are you good at?

  4. What sport facilities are there in your school (city)?
  5. What football (hockey) team do you fan? Do you attend football matches at the stadiums?

H. Translate into English: (30)

  1. Каким видом спорта вы занимаетесь?

  2. Наша школа имеет хорошую спортивную базу.

  3. Ты умеешь плавать (играть в волейбол /регби)?

  4. 6. Спорт помогает поддерживать хорошую форму.

  5. 7. Спорт укрепляет здоровье.

J. Темы для презентаций (60)

    • Sport at your college

    • Sport you go in for

    • Sport in our country

    • Sport in Great Britain

    • I am a fan of…